The new thing in porn called Live Pornstars Shows

The Internet is always looking for something new, and so is the adult entertainment industry, look at it this way in 2007 when all the major porn tubes came out that was considered a massive event practically 30 minutes or more long porn videos were given out for free, and it was very hard for the Lord to stop this from happening, as on the Internet there is very little law, and that way from 2007 until a few months ago the porn tubes with the major attraction on the Internet for anybody that was looking for pornography. That a few months ago things drastically changed, they change for the better and they went up another flight of stairs, the adult industry actually found something that is even better than free porn tubes and we’ll talking about Live Porn Videos.

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The expansion of this amazing new trend is still on its way up, even if they are around 2 million registered members that watch Hot Pornstars on WebCam having sex in other words making live porn, but there are still millions more that you have to be introduced, that you have to visit the websites that are offering this service, and I’m reaching out to them today a few of my readers that still don’t know about these specific websites that are linked in this blog post and give them as well as the many that have already the opportunity to see what it’s all about to give them the chance at least to visit the website and decide if it is something that they could be interested in or not.

The funny thing is after pulling some statistics from thousands of my readers that were questioned 872 of them actually did take at least the free trial to see what this Live Pornstars sex platform could possibly offer them, and half of them were talking about the 872 actually did sign up on a monthly basis spending less than one dollar a day to all the live porn shows at any time of the day any day of the week any week of the month.

Hot pornstars now doing live porn videos

This is been in the works for many years, only thing that the costs are extremely high and therefore there was not one single network that was willing to invest in professional Pornstars having sex live on the Internet and offering this service at extremely low prices in the hopes that hundreds of thousands and maybe millions would actually sign up so that they can cover the expenses. But one network did stand up and do it, and they are extremely happy that they did because they had a massive response, close to 2 million members already have signed up in four months since this network has started to promote and broadcast live every day porn stars having sex just like if it were a porn video with the only difference that it is streamed live over the Internet.

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They managed to keep the prices extremely low, and talking about if you want to watch just one single live porn video that lasts close to two hours you can do so simply by signing up just for that show and you will pay no more than two dollars, so what would you rather have a pack of the gum at that price to watch hundred and 20 minutes of Live Porn?

Does keep in mind when you hear or read on the Internet that people are offering Live Sex Shows just be sure that you know it’s not a closed box before you put your credit card down, I confront their prices with the prices of the network that I have provided in this blog post and you’ll see for yourself they don’t even come close in price and of course with the models, because they have an exclusive with close to 1000 porn stars that nobody else has nothing can possibly come close to what they offer at their price and their quality enough said!

Have you ever watched a porn video live?

When I say that I mean while it is actually happening, and I don’t mean where you there in the studios while the porn star was getting fucked, I mean have you ever watched one that was actually happening live but you are sitting at home in front of your computer, or even the option where you were holding your smart phone. So my question is once again have you ever watched Pornstars live porn videos while they happen? Most probably the answer to at least 99.9% of you would be no, because very few people at this time no about a brand-new network that has come out with a brand-new concept, that gathers all the best and famous and most loved porn stars and has them have sex, that’s right, live porn videos over the Internet, in other words while they are getting screwed by dudes with big cocks there is somebody in there holding a WebCam and filming everything and broadcasting it life over this network.

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Now that is one hell of a concept isn’t it? Many experts that I have spoken to over at the AVN show that I attended last month, say that this will be the new trend in adult entertainment, and other words having Famous pornstars create porn videos as usual, as they have always done but at the same time they are broadcasted live, they are unedited and therefore they are natural porn videos, this is without doubt something that will bring massive interest, this is something that will become the future of photography, as I think it will dozens of adult entertainment experts think the same.

You can go and check it out for yourself, at no cost you can sign up and watch the trial show, you can go inside and take a peek and see what it is all about, and then if you do like what you see and you do think that live Pornstars cams and porn stars having sex right there in front of you an edited is something that you could be interested in then sign up for a whole month for $29, that’s right because less than a dollar a day to watch all the live sex shows you want, no hidden fees just that she for the whole month, that’s like buying five Starbucks coffees, but five Starbucks coffees are gone in five mornings, you see where I’m going with this?

Looking for a date in town

Brenda, that’s her name works at an extremely popular dating affiliate network that provides webmasters dating sponsors that have been tested and that are definitely great quality, along with other products such as live WebCam sex websites all bundled in one affiliate program, she is an affiliate manager and as you can see when she is not working she is actually using the service that she is promoting.

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About 15 years ago she was also a live webcam girls model, they call the models, but in reality they are the whores that do anything you want them to do to themselves as long as the price is right, she did that for six years, then as you can see she lost slightly some of her looks and was enforced to retire, but as she was a very hard worker they offered her an affiliate manager and even here in this position of management and no longer visual she is actually doing a very good job.

She is using a specific housewife sex service to find guys in her town to have sex with, simply because it is the latest the newest and the most modern and therefore she thought it was pretty cool to give it a test run and to see how any guys that she can pick up and collect and obviously have sex with using the service, so another words she’s having fun Monday through Friday after work and at the same time she is testing a website that she considers to be a success not only for the future but also here right now in the present.

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I find it funny that a woman as soon as she hits 30+ she wants to take it up the ass. I’ll give you an example. Elizabath my ex wife never took it up the ass and every time that I asked her to fuck up the back door she would always refuse and turn me down time after time. Then when she hit 30, she took it up the tailpipe every fucking day. I mean she took that cock up her ass more than the fellas over at Gay Cam Exposed , I mean thats how much. Once I walked in the house after work and she was dressed up as a maid and demanded that I bent her over the couch and fucked her ass till it was numb. Hey I didn’t think twice on that one if you figure that I love fucking babes up the ass.


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Look at her go at it, like there is no fucking tomorrow, thats my babe, I was at a Gay Contact store as I’m bi-sexual and I seen this fuck machine. My babe is always on about how it would feel to be fucked by a machine, simply because she states where a man ends the machine still keeps on fucking going, giving all the orgasms a woman could ever want and can ever take, so I seen it at a discount price $1,200 and I bought it with a stolen credit card :P So I didn’t have to pay shit and my GF is leaking cum all over the sofa and carpet all day long, how about that?


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So fucking what? I say that it’s better to bang a bitch in her late 30’d rather than some 19 year old silly bitch that wont let you poke her ass or will suck your cock in a way that you can’t even feel it for fucks sakes. Thats why I think that web cam super star ElaySmith is by far the best solution for me. First because shes done a lot of porn and likes to fuck guys on live feed as well and most of all because she will do it all, I have seen some movies of her that she was put to doing it all and when I say all I mean the most weird shit that you couldn’t even imagine, but you know what? She did it, without complaining and without even blinking an eyelid.

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Live with these two bitches. Listen to this: I was on cam and I hook up with two babes that looked real hot and slutty, they were already naked and ready to toy it out till they came. They were about to do a golden show where dozens of guys will be able to watch it all at the same time, it’s great cosi its a 1 DOLLAR SHOW, no kidding, you tip per a buck and you can watch all the rest of the show that last up to an hour, thats if you don’t bust a nut first. I was chatting with the brunette and told her that I lived in Birmingham Alabama, they said thats where they were from and then I told them in what area I was from and they were from that aria as well, then I told them the street I was on and she told me that they were a few blocks east of me and they invited me over for the next show!!!

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Blonde in stockings and the brunette naked, but they both have a dildo up the ass, check out the sex video and let me know what you think of these two. The blonde is not lesbian, shes just looking for something up her ass and because she isn’t the tipe to do it alone she invited over her brothers friend (Hillary) that happens to be Bi-Sex and will never turn down a good vibrating dildo up her anus. This time (as it is not in any way the first time) they had another chick that is Hillary’s co-worker to jump in and film this scene that was then lost and guess what…. yup as always it was found by my friends over at and they placed it on the web yesterday everything and they let me have a copy to place on this blog.

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This cowgirl walked into my office a few days back looking for work, I told her that I run adult sites and gay dating sites like Guys looking for guys communities, so unless she had a dick or was willing to fuck on video I really couldn’t help her. She them made the question that actually surprised me a lot and was: “How much per movie for a chick willing to get fucked by as many guys as you want, up the ass and all other filthy things other chicks won’t do” Damn. I said are you fucking serious? She replied yes. Well I wasn’t going to put this chick in some savage gangbang, but I did want to see her at work and as I really liked this bitch I decided that it would been me that fucked her for the first time on video and that’s how it went that me and her in the video below. The whole tape lasts around an hour, but this is an amazing teaser that lasts a little less but will harden you up right away.